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Agricultural & Crop Surveys are an innovative use of drone technology that is swiftly expanding in the UK. These techniques and technologies get a view of your land and crops that you cannot easily get from the ground.

Based in Shropshire, we use the latest Drone technology and Cameras to give you a high resolution picture of your crops or borders in double quick time. The technology we use combines automated route plotting with sophisticated image stitching to provide a seamless view of the area you need to inspect.

This involves flying computed parallel lines taking images at pre-set intervals to ensure that we have an overlapping set of images covering a large area of land. The beauty is the speed and the accuracy of the process. We can provide your maps in a fraction of the time it would take to carry out a thorough survey on foot or even by vehicle. And as a bonus, we don’t flatten the crop!

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 Advantages of Using Drones for Agricultural & Crop Survey

  • Crop Monitoring. Using drones is a much quicker, simpler way of monitoring crops to find potential issues sooner, than you would by land bound methods. We can generate a map using NVDI Layers to show the health of plants in a large area.
  • Soil mapping: Identify crop variation and damage across an entire field in a matter of hours.
  • Drainage repair: Spot drainage problems so that water is consistent across your crop.
  • Yield optimization: Make the right crop adjustments faster with instant data and detailed mapping..
  • Stand count: Determine if you need to replant in any areas.
  • Equipment malfunction detection: Catch equipment issues that result in uneven seeding, pesticides distribution or gaps in plants.
  • Pest issues: Determine if any areas are having pest issues, and assess the effectiveness of pest control strategies.

Permits & Insurance

We  are comprehensively insured and are  approved by the CAA for commercial work with Drones.  We only fly once we are satisfied that we can do so within CAA regulations without risk to you, your property or the public.

Prices start at £250 + VAT assuming a half day on site


Give Chris a call on 01743 231 416 to discuss your project or Get A Quote!

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