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360° Photography & Panoramas are relevant – If you run a conference centre, gallery, cafe, restaurant, gym or any kind of space in the West Midlands used by the public, you are probably aware that 44% of your customers have looked you up on Google Maps or Apple. What they often find there is a badly shot, out of focus snap of the street, probably featuring a car, blocking your site! Based in Shrewsbury, our 360° Photography & Virtual Tours give you a way to provide a high definition, professionally shot immersive experience instead.

The concept of 360° Photography & panoramas give an immersive, interactive experience by stitching a sequence of pictures together to create an uninterrupted picture showing the whole of your premises. The user can swipe the screen to change their point of view, down, up and sideways.

The 360° experience is uniquely sticky – it will keep potential visitors engaged for longer and tell them more about your business than a series of curated images can ever do.

Virtual Tours add a layer of sophistication to 360° Photography. Typically a virtual tour will cover several rooms or areas of an estate, provide a high level map for orientation and hot spots to link to more information, even video about a particular location.

We use a 22.3 Megapixel Canon 5D MK III with a specialist Manfrotto 303SPH Multi Row Panoramic Head to record high definition ground based panoramas and a Phantom 4 Pro Drone to record aerial panoramas. We can have a simple 360° panorama shot and online in Google in a matter of hours!

Prices start at £195, Call Chris Wright on 01743 231 416 for a quote or drop us a line – Get A Quote

Helter Skelter Studios Virtual Tour